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Established in 1995, V-Care Medical has strong foothold in Turkish medical equipment sector with its wide product range including cardiology/radiology products, endovascular surgery , disposable cardiovascular surgery products ( CVS ) , vascular prostheses, heart valves and medical devices and machinery. Sale of more than 1800 different products are conducted by the Company’s distribution network or directly to customers.

With more than a 20-year experience and know-how in medical services, V-Care Medical is also providing customized and first-class medical tourism and health services in Turkey and abroad by acting as a centralized platform for healthcare providers, insurance companies and medical tourism facilitators as well as the patients.

Our scope of work encloses wide range of different sectors including healthcare systems, health insurance, financing and recruitment. We work in collaboration with our solution partners to deliver a broad spectrum of specialized services such as:    

Trainings and educational services

Technical and financial components management services

IT solutions for healthcare providers

Product/service procurement services


Partnership and Alliances

HR consultancy

We have already realized several projects with well-known clients including;

  • Meirim Hospital in Kazakhstan

  • National Research Cardiac Center in Kazakhstan

  • King FahD Medical City in Riyadh

  • Saudi German Hospitals Group


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